What Is Gamergate, and Why?

On October 15, Anita Sarkeesian, a writer, blogger, cultural critic and feminist, was scheduled to give a lecture at the University of Utah. The day before someone pretends to be a student, he sent a letter with a warning: armed and if a copy of Sarkeesian held, will cause shooting in the institution.
These threats have been the effect of buzzing for over a month in ”Western” Internet Affairs baptized as Gamergate. It’s hard to say now. Of course a hashtag on Twitter, under which you can find thousands of signs, statements, declarations, jokes, threats, as well as photos, memes, infographics. They are engaged in game developers, journalists writing about them, but, above all, standing, two-way players.

Mail with a warning about the shooting

If you want to synthesize Gamergate to a single sentence, you could write that it’s a discussion about what video games should and shouldn’t be, and who should be doing them and who should stay away. Just Gamergate has no cultural discussions, and it seems unlikely that its many participants came ever to some conclusions.

Mail with a warning about the shootingAlthough Gamergate has a lot of heroes, it wouldn’t have come to scandal if it hadn’t been for the changes in the games themselves that we’ve been seeing for years. For a long time, the games were equated with pure entertainment, and their recipients were a circle of „dedicated”, mostly teenagers and young men. The games were complex and took many hours to complete, and those who did were called players. However, the popularity of the Nintendo Wii console and other motion controllers, as well as smartphones or browser games, has forced the gaming audience to grow to play more women. It turned out that many viewers want to play games easier, shorter, more colorful-just different from what dominated the market. Next lit player (hardcore gamer) appeared player Sunday – casual gamer.

Over the years, games have also become a less viable part of the entertainment industry, like movies. Behind their creation were all the big companies investing more and more money to create games becoming more beautiful and more powerful, but also not exceeding the safe business model. The games became products and had to earn money, which was often on reproducing famous models and avoiding sharp topics.

Players do not exist

Appeared the developers that have stopped responding for a few years but increasingly cope scene, India. Independent developers have returned to the game creation model since the beginning of this environment-in small teams or even alone. We started making games that are sold, and those that they wanted to play. The most famous example here is Minecraft, created by hobby and after a few hours. At the same time, some of them used the medium to try to touch on social problems, to talk more often with games about feelings and emotions, sometimes abandoning the function of entertainment.

Players do not existGames began to become an artistic product, which in turn led to the fact that grove media began to engage not only in the promotion and celebration of the upcoming games, but also critics and Breakfast of those who are most interesting with the new trend. Some avid players perceive the expansion of the range of consumers of games and the range of topics that they are engaged in, as spoiling their favorite environment, which, above all, An Explainer for Non-Geeks should serve for the gameplay. Gamergate is the effect of change in the gaming industry, and more indirectly – a reaction to the actions of several people.

Anita Sarkeesian since 2009 for your blog Feminist Frequency has been engaged, designed for the younger recipient to critique the most significant culture. Known for his project of the six movies Tropes vs. Women since 2011. the role of women in various works is analyzed. In may 2012, I decided to prepare a similar series about computer games, with the support of collective investment. Instead of the declared amount of 6 thousand dollars received from donors more than 150 thousand, for which she pledged to prepare 12 films by the end of the year.

No end in sight

Sarkeesian met with reluctance already at the stage of campaign promotion. For the most subtle belonged to the comments that they are better goals to Finance than a series of videos where games will be overly analyzed feministkę. Found also a quote from a lecture by Paul in which he recalls that he is not a fan of games and must learn this environment, although grown up in the film campaign claims to be a player. Other hacking attempts, the account e-mail, download images, where she is raped by game characters, the threat of Twitter. Opus Magnum was unhappy with the game where it was possible to beat the likeness of Sarkisian. The game was removed from the Newgrounds site, but certainly preserved somewhere in the network

The attacks also targeted people who were clearly supporting the campaign or defending it from attacks – even arrested a man attacking on Twitter canadian feminist Stephanie Guthrie.

No end in sightThe first video appeared only in March 2013 and although it was of good quality, this delay raised doubts about how the money was spent. There were also allegations that he did not play the games he talks about, because he used video materials recorded earlier on other or graphic works without the permission of the authors. Further criticism also concerned delays – so far only 6 out of 12 films have been released, and breaks between them are becoming more and more. For all this, but, above all, for the well-fed criticism, Sargsyan became the goal of Gamergate.

Attacks on women, unfortunately, are not new in a growing industry. In 2013, Zoe Quinn collaborated with two other developers to create an independent, free Dui Quest game. It’s actually less of a game in the traditional sense of the word, and a more interactive story, recording it going with depression. Collected very good reviews from sites about the games and was recommended as an example that the game can also do a difficult topic. At the same time, for the same reason, she also met with negative reactions. Times that it’s not a game at all, and that this sphere of entertainment should be free of social commentary. The criticism escalated into attacks on Quinn herself – from snide comments that depression doesn’t exist until after the suggestion that it should kill and accurate descriptions of how it will be raped.

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