The player learns the final secret of Tibia

You know Tibia, right? This 19-year-old MMORPG created by CipSoft small German studio, which at the beginning of the XXI century from dizziness in the head teenage part of our country (and many others). I myself took on the madness associated with this name – I lost a lot of hours in it, experienced a lot of stress and excitement and learned about successful trading, patience and many Brazilian words useful for insulting other people’s mothers. I also made sure that people really, really like to threaten other people’s lives. Unsuccessful race Tibia, so we talked with colleagues from the village.

The passage did not require 999. level or higher

Many years have passed, and the Shins are still going on. It may not even be half as popular as it used to be, but even if it now includes almost 11,000 Tibians. Moreover, a few days ago, the game came a turning point.

The passage did not require 999. level or higherBecause, you see, in 2005, a big update to the game introduced a new continent called Tiquanda. It was already the end of my adventure with the Shin, but I remember the excitement that among the whole community called the mysterious doors found in the same area. It was a modest gate, which requires 999. level or higher.

If my memory serves me, the biggest level in the world could boast then Matthew the Dragon is Big as well… 300.? 320.? In those days when these doors appeared, the achievement was to score the hundredth or dwusetnego level, suddenly there was a gateway, the passage of which seemed unrealistic. At the door glistened the portal. Where could he have led? What secrets and riches did she hide? Fantasy players exploded guesses.

The developers said that for many years there was nothing behind the door, the secret was, so only the fantasy of the joint fans. CipSoft knew, however, that it would eventually have to figure out what was hiding in the portal when dedicated players would begin to approach the once unthinkable level. In 2015, they even held a contest in which they called on the community to present a hypothesis about what is hidden behind the door. This Game’s Secret Door Has Been A Mystery For 12 Years. They too have already decided that there will be placed because a few players were close to the goal.

A Brazilian nicknamed Kharsek has worked for this since 2007

A Brazilian nicknamed Kharsek has worked for this since 2007– The secret that existed in the minds of fans quite a lot, and was littered through them, can not be opened without some disappointment, – said Martin Eglseder, one of the developers of the game, on the pages of the portal Vice. – ( … ) No matter what you do, you will satisfy everyone. The developers decided, however, to follow the voice of the heart and behind the door is something that is “best in the long run and for the game as a whole”.

One of the players found out the truth. A Brazilian nicknamed Kharsek started playing in 2007, and after 9 years scored a historic 999. level. The first in the world to walk through the door, knowing probably the biggest secret of the Shin. What did you find? Well?!

Yes, you read it right. Unknown. Hersek scored the appropriate level, went to Chikwendu, went underground, alone opened the door, and … I decided not to tell anyone what was behind them.

– But… but how? – some people will probably ask. Well, that. It is difficult to say where this decision came from. Maybe Harsek doesn’t want to kill the fantasy that fans have been living for 11 years? He’s also reportedly a pretty introverted player, and during his trek to the top, he became more of a loner. Probably 9 out of 10 in its place would make a big pump in the network, organized an audience with the Pope, and the flow on Twitchu, which oglądałyby thousands of interested players, even those who, Shin never seen… But Kharsek is not like that.


UnknownThere is one more thing… Remember, as I wrote at the beginning of a failed race of Tibia? Well, it seems like nothing has changed over the years. Despite the fact that Kharsek is playing on a server without Pvp, a group of people insisted on threatening his life and preventing him from punching the perfect level. And this is cut out his monsters, and that he sent them to the players who helped Harsco to be treated … Yes, the famous Civica was a bit of enemies. Who knows, maybe he decided to take revenge on them, doing that now consumes their curiosity? Or maybe he wants to get satisfaction, being the only player in the world who knows the truth?

„No, we won’t regret going out the door,” said Eglseder. We could confirm something, but we leave it to the player to decide what he wants to say about the secret he found outside the door.

And at the end of the topic. There remains only further uncertainty. And curiosity. I haven’t thought about those damn doors since I was 10, and now their vision is itching somewhere in my head again.

The moment I write this, Kharsek is already 1000. level. This is another feat that will go down in thick letters in 19-year history, Shin. And we, the little earrings, still don’t know what’s behind the door. On Reddit, some write that they’ve never played Tibia in their lives, and they only think about what might be there, too. Like the suitcase at the Tarantina, huh?

The player with the highest level behind Kharsekiem is now Dev onica – 940. level. Be kind to the virgin onita, huh? Can be, she (he?) he decides to reveal the secret. Or, knock, join the silent club.

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