It is called race to the task that makes the collar inside the crescent, this consists of the following:
The collar waits for the bull inside the huddle to come out of the bullpen (small door in the perimeter of the huddle), then they must make two turns inside the huddle. A member of the collar must go behind the steer (herding) and the other side of the steer (at hand), this is maintained throughout the race. If the collar did not commit any fault inside the hive, it receives 1 good point.
Subsequently, the collar removes the bull from the hillock to what is called the court, the riders must direct the steer to the tack of the forward hand, passing through the area of ​​posture that is before the tackle.
In this area the horse that goes to one side of the steer, that is, in this case the one that goes to the forward hand, must remain perpendicular to the steer to be able to compute a shot, otherwise he will not receive a score in the shot.
Then the rider who goes to the hand must try to stop (stop) the steer. If in the area of ​​posture everything was correct and saves the bull this can receive from 2 to 4 good points depending on the place where he stopped the steer.


In the event that the rider fails to tackle the steer and it continues its course towards the hillock, the score received will be 2 bad points (-2 pts).
Then the rider who used to drive the steer changed the position with the other rider and performed the same task but in the direction of the backhand. Afterwards, the task is repeated to the forward hand and finally the steer is delivered to the exit door.
Finally a perfect race is 13 good points, this means that the collar should not commit any fault and also make all the saves of 4 good points.
There are also fouls on the court, which is the part between the two saves, the most frequent is the scissors, which happens when the steer is returned between the two horses. (see regulation).


To participate in a rodeo, first of all you must be enrolled in a club registered in the Federation, in turn must have their respective Chilean horses registered in a record recognized by the Federation. With these requirements it becomes a member of the Federation, which entitles it to participate in any official rodeo according to its Association and other agreements that the latter makes with other Associations.

When participating in an official rodeo, according to the results obtained, a score is acquired to access the qualifying rodeos, which give way to the National Rodeo Championship. If in this instance the participation is outstanding, any member can become a National Champion.
The rodeo season begins in the month of August of each year, and extends until the month of March of the following year, where the qualifiers and national championship are organized. During the month of April to May official rodeos take place in the so-called „Chica Season”, which is valid for the rodeo season of the following year.

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