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Online storeHere the situation is quite different. Increasingly, fake sellers are using solutions that are difficult to decipher for people who do not have extensive online shopping experience and knowledge of e-Commerce.

Between 2016 and 2018 alone, there were 17 stores that attracted over $ 2.5 million in customers. Stores on their websites were listed data of other business entities that are engaged in the sale, but only in stores. What was supposed to attract customers was very low prices for products that they often described as post-match products, or with the restoration of so-called refurbish.

Shops often had no rules, or it was very short, he said among other things that parcels are delivered from 14 to 30 working days, often there was no in-store connected online DAILYGREEN payments, only the payment option to the Bank account.

Unfortunately, e-criminals are increasingly protecting against failure and may even indicate the hotline number, which oddly works, and the site has an SSL certificate installed, which should convince us that the site is secure.

How, then, to distinguish a fake store from one that is willing to deliver us the ordered goods and will not deceive us?

First of all, let’s check the reviews of the store. It is not difficult, just go to the home page of the desired store and see if there is information about reviews. If not, we can always find relevant sites such as, for example, need to register where we can find the sellers we are interested in.

If the store is not on this portal, it does not mean that it is fake, not everyone just uses such services. Then enter in the search engine store name plus password reviews and we will see if someone had any problems with it. Scammers quickly begins to catch negative comments, and on forums or popular Trench, a lot of people write about different unpleasant cases.

How, then, to distinguish a fake store from one that is willing to deliver us the ordered goods and will not deceive us?

  1. Let’s compare the store data with the data in CEIDG. In the Central Accounting of Business Activity we will find all information about the entrepreneur. Incidentally, when he started to work. It may turn out that a large number of positive comments and ratings have nothing to do with the seller who just founded the company. There’s something wrong.
  2. Let’s call the store. If we really have doubts, we can always try to call the store, check how the customer support team works, what the employees know. They will not be able to answer many of the questions we have asked.
  3. Read the rules. We know they’re long, but the rules can hide a large number of crows and records that raise our doubts.
  4. If we’re not sure, let’s pick a personal appointment. Shops that have nothing to hide, and at the same time they have the means to receive orders in the institution, are very happy to provide this opportunity to customers. If we are afraid of losing money, let’s choose this option.

The most important thing to remember:

  • If something causes our doubts, let’s not pay in advance for the goods.
  • The absence of store rules should raise our doubts.
  • Doesn’t have super offers, with phones over 70% off, that’s all bullshit.
  • Let’s beware of suspicious sites, check sellers.
  • Let’s pick a private party if something is suspicious to us.
  • In case of fraud, we will send our steps to the police, where we will get help without any problems.
  • Sometimes we can see that the problem with the product and the store does not recognize the claims, but it is not a hoax. Then you should contact UOKiK, where we will get the necessary legal advice.

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