Catan – Board game

Economic-strategic game produces a lot of interaction between the players. The players of the settlers that they ” inhabit the new earth. The aim of the game is to score 10 points. Points are awarded, the construction of settlements, cities, roads. We build with the raw material we get from the Board (solve dice rolls), or by trading with other players. Also, you can get bonus points for building the longest road and collecting the biggest army. We can also buy development cards-they help in faster obtaining of additional raw materials or points.


Settlers is my first” adult ” game that I played right after the Chinese, Scrabble, etc. This is also one of my favorite games. I love games that you can play after a single explanation / hear the policy, and this principle is consistent and Settlersi and most of the other games that we have in the house.

InteractionThe biggest advantage of Settlers is the large amount of interaction between players and the great emotions at the end when it is known that at any moment someone will win. In addition, a lot of confusion can introduce an element of randomness, especially when the number of stitches thrown out is clearly contrary to the principles of statistics. for me, this uncertainty is an advantage, because thanks to this someone who at the beginning was not lucky-can recapture and win. I’ve played Settlers countless times and tested a variety of strategies. Fortunately, the Catan – Board game is well balanced and doesn’t have a strategy that will always be better than others.

The disadvantage of the game in this version is the need to play at least 3 people, and most often we play together,so then Settlers fall. Other cons I do not see.

A game for everyone

A game for everyoneThe game will appeal to those who like to interact with other players, looking primarily for emotional pleasure in the game. In my experience, they like to play it both men and women. After playing several times in a row, can slightly overeat, but happy to return to it after a while and takes himself out of the game is still the same pleasure. If you want to start your adventure with planszówkami – Settlers of Catan will be a great first choice. If you want to make a gift to a guy or someone adult, but attention! – who will have the opportunity to play in the 3-4 – the game is a great check and respect, of course, will be pleased.

We play most often in the English version of the game, because this is exactly what we have. This version includes an English manual and descriptions on the maps in English, however it is a simple language and the maps are easy to learn, so there is no need for all players to know excellent English.

Settlers this game is interesting and enjoyable, but to my taste, that has a too big element of chance to give it the highest score.

Pros and cons


  • Ease and convenience. The Settlers rules can be explained lightning fast, and there’s basically no room for doubt during the game. A big plus, especially for new people in the boards.
  • Reliable elements which quietly survive a party, and while they are very beautiful. The old edition uses wooden elements, the later version uses plastic, more detailed miniatures.
  • Nice gameplay, with a certain amount of planning. It enjoys a great balance, usually there is no situation when at the end of the game one of the players is bored as an obvious winner or loser.
  • Good gameplay time for this type of game.


  • Even the best strategy can crash into this game as a result of the usual dice failure. Because the resources required to perform any action is achieved in a fairly random, easy to spend several moves in a row powerlessly watching other players, and not being able to do anything on their own.
  • The possibility of partially blocking the extraction of resources by other players with the help of a thief and army cards means that one of the players can be almost excluded from the game if others decide to play against him.
  • Because of the mechanics of random selection of raw materials and the ability to block their selection, as well as bottlenecks that appear in different stages of the game (in the beginning, players need mainly wood and brick, later iron and grain), there are situations within a few moves the game is in place, so just do not appear resources that everyone needs. A partial solution to this problem is the possibility of replacing raw materials, but it is not an ideal solution.


OtherAn interesting thing in the game is the gradual change of its body. The graphics of older editions were associated with the eighteenth age (for example, soldier maps looked like a typical American form of the period), while newer editions focused more on the middle Ages, perhaps because of the inclusion of the style of additions in the form of „cities and knights”.

The game is available for free online in the flash version, as well as for quite a little money on the iPad, so if you want to check the mechanics before buying, you can do it easily. Of course, this is not the same as the real game with her side, players, but also has its charms.

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