Advantages of doing the ‚online purchase’ of the super

Except for a small group of people who enjoy wandering around the supermarket shelves , for the great majority the „day of purchase” is a big nuisance , especially if we have small children who will surely get bored and give the tabarra. 

Whether once a week, every two, or a month, we are forced to take the car, drive to the large area and fill the trunk with food and essential products that we then have to download and place in your home . Total, a torture.

Now, more and more people are moving to online shopping , because they have realized the tremendous advantages that this change in purchasing mode entails. For them, buying online has helped their quality of life to increase by converting „the time of purchase” into a quick and comfortable experience , so that they no longer feel lazy just thinking about it. To make matters worse, they enjoy the multitude of offers, coupons and promotions offered by the  cheap online supermarketon duty. Next, we explain what are the top ten advantages of making the purchase of the ‚super’ online:  

You save a lot of time

Indeed, if you buy online to start you save yourself having to move to the super, go through all the lines collecting the products, then make the eventually long queues and finally load the car to return home. 

You save a lot of time

In total, a 2016 study estimated that Spaniards spent an average of two hours a week making purchases in the supermarket. On the other hand, in order to make the online purchase, you can invest 20 minutes or even less. That is, eight hours a month that can happen to be little more than an hour on the Internet. We saved almost seven hours .

You do not have to take the car. It is obvious that it is always a disadvantage to have to drive through the city or the roads of the suburbs and urbanizations to reach the large surface of shift. In the best of cases, we will find the displacement and the pollution we breathe annoying , but at the worst we must add the probable traffic jams. This, when making the online purchase does not happen.

You can make a purchase as big as you want. In a super online you can buy the liters of milk or juice you want so you do not have to go through the experience of running out of them at breakfast , lunch or dinner. And the same goes for any product, because on the Internet things do not bulge or weigh. You do not have to carry them. Likewise, the breadth of the assortment is enormous: the superpurely online are not limited by the space of a physical store and can offer you thousands and thousands of products.

You will find the freshest frescoes

Those supermarkets that are purely online, that is to say that they do not have physical stores, do not need to buy the product in advance or have to leave it for days in a refrigerator waiting for someone to decide to buy it. On the other hand, in the 100% online superstores like Ulabox, all the frescoes are bought as the orders arrive and they receive them direct from the field or the sea the same dawn that will be delivered to the customer guaranteeing the maximum possible freshness.

Also, do not break the cold chain at any time because they bring it home in refrigerated trucks. The packages are loaded by them. Fortunately for you, if you buy online, someone will pick up your order, select the products and prepare the package, which will get you home without you having to do anything. 

You will find the freshest frescoesIn addition, they will allow you to decide when you want the purchase to arrive and they will notify you by SMS when they are next to your house. In the case of Ulabox, making the purchase until 5:00 p.m., the delivery is made the next day between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., informing the customer 30 minutes in advance so that they do not have to wait for delivery.

Dodge neuromarketing

When you enter a physical supermarket, you are exposed to countless stimuli that go over your conscious part and go directly to your brain to make you buy more than you want, and also to acquire many things that you do not need. It is what is called neuromarketing . 

In essence, the techniques of neuromarketing are a lot of tricks to excite your buying instinct , such as making huge carts so that you feel the need to fill them, put the most expensive products of the linear at eye level or put the trinkets for children at the level of their sight, among many others. The web pages of online supermarkets are vaccinated against neuromarketing and you are the one who decides what you buy and what you do not. 

You can compare all the products without hurry. That’s right: you can take the time you want to see which brand you are most interested in more than a specific product, as well as compare the prices and ratings that other users make and that the super online shows you so you can have more information. Of course, you can always open another tab in the browser and go to Google to find all the information about a certain product. 

At every moment you know what the bill goes up

When you are in a physical supermarket or you are a very organized and meticulous person or you are buying without knowing exactly what the bill will raise when you get to the cashier. This often makes us stop braking and in the end, out of embarrassment, buy things on a whim to not seem stingy. However, on the internet no one judges us and we can put or remove products from our shopping cart without problem, to balance the account with our budget with a couple of mouse clicks. 

You can save the lists and automate the purchase. En el súper online tienes la gran ventaja de que tu lista queda grabada y la siguiente vez puedes utilizarla de base para añadir o quitar algún producto o cantidad y ejecutar la compra en pocos minutos, de modo que el ahorro y comodidad se maximiza.

No tendrás que hacer la larga cola frente a la caja. Este es uno de los grandes fuertes de la compra online, puesto que hasta las personas que disfrutan recorriendo los lineales aborrecen las colas eternas que se forman frente a las cajas para pagar. En internet basta con darle al botón de pagar y ya te puedes olvidar del tema hasta que te llegue el SMS diciendo que la compra está a punto de entrar por la puerta.

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