The competition ended and the evaluation was positive, the awards, the livestock, the crescent and the organization were of great quality and for the first time our federation held a national championship in the crescent of Rancagua, but it is necessary to highlight the people who made it possible fulfill this dream.

To make a detour, it is necessary to dedicate a lot of time and effort, it is essential to handle every last detail, get the cattle, the prizes and sponsors, among other things they are tasks that must be fulfilled for each event. Of course the great national championship was no exception, months of work concluded with a resounding success, get the Cresaluna Monumental Rancagua will mark a milestone in our minds, because participate in this venue is a dream of many riders.

Don Patricio Arrau, Treasurer of our Federation told us how this project was born, „the idea of ​​doing it in this crescent was born thanks to the good disposition of both directories of the rodeo federations, led by Mr. Italo Zunino and Mr. José Gatica. director Gonzalo Vial we were agreeing this beautiful event in this place and we are very happy, we hope to continue doing it here for years, besides the level of the collars that participated was very good because the series of champions came out with 23 good points and one with a final well fought with a child of eleven years in the second place was very exciting and an achievement this show ”

Also Mr. Arrau judged the development of this rodeo, „he evaluated positively fantastic, organize this championship was a great challenge in this beautiful and monumental medialuna of Rancagua, in sports and organizational matters we have been to ten points, very happy, of apoco the People are starting to support us, we have received a lot more people than at Vizcachaz and we hope that each year we can continue to consolidate our championship in terms of sporting level and getting more excited to the family corrale to come and see us, „said Patricio.


To make a good detour it is important to have a good livestock and Mr. Pedro Moreno, secretary of the Federation described the work done in this regard, „the cattle we are getting since December, we hired a person skilled in it, to be guaranteed that it was never run, that it was the same guy, the same hair and with the contracts where they would assure us that the bulls were not run and before signing the contracts the board had the mission of visiting the cattle in the fields ”

In addition Mr. Brown evaluated the result of this rodeo, „was positive, were a few days of hard work, was well organized with a good cattle and the truth is that the public who arrived in Rancagua was not what we expected, but you can tell that We are going to take huge steps to be able to get some more public from here to next year for everything we have done and the effort of the entire board, „concluded Don Pedro.


The president of the National Federation of Rodeo and Clubs of Huasos, José Gatica, said, „the realization of this national championship, evaluated it as a resounding success, is more than we expected, I was really surprised by the quality of the riders they have given a wonderful show, we have worked a lot to make a good final, it went very well, a total achievement with the quality of the steers, so I feel happy, the only detail I could find is that I would have expected more public , but this crescent is quite big and we are going to work all year round so that we can once again make our championship here. ”


Italo Zunino Muratori, President of the Chilean Rodeo Federation, receives recognition from Don José Gatica Ortiz President of our Federation.

With this great detour the season is concluded, Don José analyzes the period, „I hope that people will grow as an athlete and a rodeo lover, I hope that the coming year will be better although I think it is difficult to overcome it, and every day we make modifications. and we make technical improvements are made with the intention of improving the level, in addition the fact of making the final in this crescent serves for people to be encouraged and better prepared, „concluded Mr. Gatica.

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Written by: Karen Robles
Photography: Abel Donayres

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