20 of the Best Online Games PC Gwilia.com Ready You For Mabar Now!

Along the development era, more and more games are experiencing a lot of changes. Of initially aimed at the entertainment up to now has become a competition to be named-event class prestigious Asian Games or tournaments bekelas International.

With perkambangan, there were also online games that offers not only a video game, but also an interaction with other players from around the world through the medium of video games, to a success of being a pro player through the online game.

Here’s a list of 20 of the best Online Games are ready for you to play now also a version Gamebrott – you can find more here


WarframeWarframe itself arguably become one of the game’s free-to-play out to you right now, As you know, Warframe basically is the game Co-op. However, this game is also able to display the kekompetitifan in between the player for free when successfully work together in completing a mission.

At the end of the mission together with friends or people random to play with you guys, will pop up a info statistics about the actions you are already doing in the mission.

Good about the percentage of damage that you take out when compared with other players, the amount of the kill, the loot that has been taken, and much more.back again about the aspect of co-op of his own, this game offers things that are very exciting when you try to play along with the player other better in a casual, or serious Gwilia.com in certain missions.

Most of the missions or content end-game in Warframe there is indeed a very so in need of communication and coordination that is so good among the player for free. Especially regarding the composition of the Warframe in use by every player, weapons, along with results buildnya of each of these aspects.

Audition Online

Become the legendary game that still survive today Audition Online or better known with the name ayodance in Indonesia is becoming a ryhtem out, you play.

Games are available for free in Steam will offer a online game where the players will be presented a variety of music from parts of the world, and are required to menenakan button that appears on the screen to synchronize movement with music that you select.

In gamplay this game is its own game Dance Dance Revolution machined Arcade, difference is you only need to sit while playing the keyboard and the mouse you just.

The Game itself must be played as in addition to as a reliever of stress because the gameplay is simple, you can also listen to the hits songs from various famous artists.

Hyper Universe – Gwilia.com

The Game titled Hyper Universe is published by Nexon. The presentation is also quite unique, usually the game MOBA comes with a folder containing three lines, then the angle of the camera ala ala game Real Time Strategy (RTS).

  • Meanwhile, the Hyper Universe brings the approach quite unique. MOBA presents a gameplay style game side-scrolling but you must work together with friends one of your team.
  • One team consists of 4 people.
  • You will be dealing directly with the enemy to the right or left of you.
  • Still the same like most of the games MOBA other, to complete the game, you have to destroy the tower-tower to building final.

Hyper Universe - Gwilia.com

You can choose a variety of hero with the ability of different skills so that could be for later combos with other heroes in the team. Just calm down, the game is free anyway, you don’t need to fill the steam wallet to play the game.

Aura Kingdom

Aura Kerajaan sendri adalah game MMORPG yang dibuat oleh X-Legend dan di menerbitkan oleh Aeria game.

Bagi kalian yang pernah memainkan permainan-Permainan sepertiok ataupun Dragon Nest sepertinyajib’kan permainan yang satu ini. Selain tersedaya secara gratis di Uap, Aura sendiri merupakan permainan MMORPG dengan gaya anime yang didukung dengania tampilania.

Layakny game MMORPG yang lain, Aura sendiri akanan mandhadirkan bernagai elemen menggantikan sistem sekerti eksplorasi, kostomi kostum, dungeonstum, bos lelaki, Nanda menarik, sistem Hoga dunia. Selain itu game ini sendri juga akan memperkenalan sistem multi senjata, dimana akan terle 10 jenis senjata yang busa gunakan se level kemajuan karakter mu.

Cuisine Royale

It looks like the game genre Battle Royale continues to experience development and innovations. Not to be outdone from the two big-name game Battle Royale that PUBG and Fortnite, the developer Darkflow Software released the game Battle Royale with the title of the Cuisine Royale. Different with game Battle Royale the other, Cuisine Royale own only to be followed by the 30 players in one match.

Cuisine RoyaleIn accordance with title Cuisine Royale itself will present a variety of kitchen equipment you can use. So you don’t expect will see perlengakapn cool like helmets and different types of armor, because his role will be replaced by rice, a frying pan and a saucepan. But for the gun, the game itself will still be providing weapons typical game of Battle Royale as the AK-47, Shotgun, to Sniper.

So characters of your own are required to survive a variety of attacks, only with armed with armor made of kitchen utensils. Of course the game itself you play, in addition to presenting a fairly unique feature compared game-game Battle Royale the other with the theme of kitchen equipment, this game is also available for free.

Gwilia.com DayZ

  1. The Game this early is a mod of the game Arma 2, where the mod is successfully gave birth to a Gwilia.com new game genre multiplayer zombie apocalypse survival.
  2. This Game alone will set place in Cheranus, Russia, which tells the story of the survivors who have to survive from the zombie threat. Your character will be a survivor with a limited supply, required to find food, water, weapons and medicine while dealing with zombies, either directly finish him off, or avoid it, or cooperate with other players to survive the zombie apocalypse.
  3. Right movie series The Walking Dead here you are given the freedom to choose to cooperate with other players to build the headquarters of your own, or become a lone wolf who engaged individually with the purpose of survive by killing other players and take resources suplies they have.

Slender: The Arrival Developer’s New Game Doesn’t Look Anything Like A Slenderman Game

Slender: The Arrival Developer's New Game Doesn't Look Anything Like A Slenderman Game

There are well over two meters tall and very thin. He likes to stay in the shadows, the visionary escapes or-on the contrary-moves to the person who had the misfortune to see him. Wears a black suit, white shirt and tie. Patykowate hands he used to wear freely, on the body, maybe because of the back grow his limbs worked properly, especially capture children who are lost in the woods. With a collar head without eyes, nose and mouth, just a skull covered with dead skin. There’s Slenderman, the last Ghost from America.

Ominous new goes mainstream

Ominous new goes mainstreamIt started as a joke. Forumwise concentrated around the portal somethingawful they had fun throwing the fabricated photos of ghosts and monsters. Nobody knows Victor Surge presented two clearly fake photos that are made by the author faded soon after hung the camera. Surge also dropped the story of how Slenderman would be responsible for the disappearance of a dozen children from a village called Stirling.

Forumowisko fell in love with this alarming scarecrows, they began to prepare your own PAYROLL and flute androni about where he had last seen the lean agomost and this again was used to. Slenderman quickly poured out of the forum and today operates as an urban legend, so interesting that the software is not automatic. With the black Volga and the Ghost hitchhiking, it wasn’t easy.

This success is easy to explain. Slender man himself looks pretty disturbing, the frequent presence of children still tightens up the mood of horror. Is an original, even quite brilliant coach, but has its predecessors to be called a giant of the low-budget horror film „Phantasm” and relatively weak Moth living in the vicinity of point pleasant. Most importantly, the character of Slenderman can be correctly inserted into any photo and will work. Preparation of such pictures must have been a lot of fun.

With a camera in an abandoned house

Easy sinister Slendy (as, for short) moves to the mainstream. The character is decommissioned with his appearance appeared in the episode of the fantastic series „Doctor Who”. As Enderman, he appeared in the hit game „Minecraft”. It was also built from Lego bricks and dances „Gangnam Style”. Troy Wagner, an Amateur Director, made a series of more than sixty short films, held in the Convention of the paradox and laid down in one story. „Marble hornets” tells the story of another young Director who ran into Slendermanem and soon afterwards left, leaving a bunch of records.

With a camera in an abandoned houseSubsequent episodes shot almost free, drop alarmingly and quite ingenious. Slenderman’s proximity causes image and sound distortion, Wagner makes the viewer go back to earlier episodes to find some detail, and he knows perfectly well that the best monster is the one we see for a split second, the corner of the eye. Today the channel „marble hornets” almost three hundred thousand subscribers and waited for the question pudełkowego.

The first part of the game about Slendermanie („Slender: The Eight Pages”) led to the clogging of the servers on which it was published. Slender: The Arrival Developer’s New Game Doesn’t Look Anything Like A Slenderman Game. It happened also because it was free. Had to wander the wilderness, look for the title of the paper, and somewhere in the dusk, he wandered a maniac without a face. Neither hit nor shoot. I had only a flashlight with a battery on the end, and there was a thick horror around. The atmosphere of deformation, the practical defenselessness of the player, well, the monster itself went to success. At the end of March came the second part, for which you have to pay.

Cheap John carpenter tricks

Cheap John carpenter tricks„Slender-the Arrival” begins in the autumn sun, which quickly hides behind the tops of the mountains. I have to be some modern person, because I shoot everything-all the actions we see in the camera window. The battery will soon drop and I have little life left. See an abandoned house, where the phone does not work, not enough current, is the absence of the hostess leaves a greeting card, which complains of a mysterious danger. On the walls in a room mocked by some psycho, broken window, sounds of the Creek and starts to ride. In the dark, I run around the woods collecting postcards that can save me, I find myself in some barracks, an abandoned mine, until I finally run between the flaming trees to meet a multi-armed fate.

Developers are on their heads to the player’s heart shot from the chest (worth their help, snow „Slendera” in a dark room, with headphones in the ears). I rushed about the abandoned house, desperately closing Windows and doors. In the woods sounded mad laughter and weeping, I heard the steps of someone invisible baby Ghost jumped out from behind the coal, and when Slenderman was getting closer and cracked in the chamber, curved space and time. The flashlight barely dispelled the darkness between the trees, and the ominous shadows dodged that faint light for only a moment. John carpenter referred to actions like” cheap tricks ” – easy to drive, but used properly, they force the viewer as well as the player to jump in the chair.

Slenderman with all his monster makes me optimistic. Despite the efforts of corporations and artists, there unemployed power over culture in some dimension remained in the hands of ordinary people, guys, such as, without trying, me. One guy took a picture, the other took a short film, a few Serikov made a game, and here Slenderman conquers the world.

What Is Gamergate, and Why?

What Is Gamergate, and Why?

On October 15, Anita Sarkeesian, a writer, blogger, cultural critic and feminist, was scheduled to give a lecture at the University of Utah. The day before someone pretends to be a student, he sent a letter with a warning: armed and if a copy of Sarkeesian held, will cause shooting in the institution.
These threats have been the effect of buzzing for over a month in ”Western” Internet Affairs baptized as Gamergate. It’s hard to say now. Of course a hashtag on Twitter, under which you can find thousands of signs, statements, declarations, jokes, threats, as well as photos, memes, infographics. They are engaged in game developers, journalists writing about them, but, above all, standing, two-way players.

Mail with a warning about the shooting

If you want to synthesize Gamergate to a single sentence, you could write that it’s a discussion about what video games should and shouldn’t be, and who should be doing them and who should stay away. Just Gamergate has no cultural discussions, and it seems unlikely that its many participants came ever to some conclusions.

Mail with a warning about the shootingAlthough Gamergate has a lot of heroes, it wouldn’t have come to scandal if it hadn’t been for the changes in the games themselves that we’ve been seeing for years. For a long time, the games were equated with pure entertainment, and their recipients were a circle of „dedicated”, mostly teenagers and young men. The games were complex and took many hours to complete, and those who did were called players. However, the popularity of the Nintendo Wii console and other motion controllers, as well as smartphones or browser games, has forced the gaming audience to grow to play more women. It turned out that many viewers want to play games easier, shorter, more colorful-just different from what dominated the market. Next lit player (hardcore gamer) appeared player Sunday – casual gamer.

Over the years, games have also become a less viable part of the entertainment industry, like movies. Behind their creation were all the big companies investing more and more money to create games becoming more beautiful and more powerful, but also not exceeding the safe business model. The games became products and had to earn money, which was often on reproducing famous models and avoiding sharp topics.

Players do not exist

Appeared the developers that have stopped responding for a few years but increasingly cope scene, India. Independent developers have returned to the game creation model since the beginning of this environment-in small teams or even alone. We started making games that are sold, and those that they wanted to play. The most famous example here is Minecraft, created by hobby and after a few hours. At the same time, some of them used the medium to try to touch on social problems, to talk more often with games about feelings and emotions, sometimes abandoning the function of entertainment.

Players do not existGames began to become an artistic product, which in turn led to the fact that grove media began to engage not only in the promotion and celebration of the upcoming games, but also critics and Breakfast of those who are most interesting with the new trend. Some avid players perceive the expansion of the range of consumers of games and the range of topics that they are engaged in, as spoiling their favorite environment, which, above all, An Explainer for Non-Geeks should serve for the gameplay. Gamergate is the effect of change in the gaming industry, and more indirectly – a reaction to the actions of several people.

Anita Sarkeesian since 2009 for your blog Feminist Frequency has been engaged, designed for the younger recipient to critique the most significant culture. Known for his project of the six movies Tropes vs. Women since 2011. the role of women in various works is analyzed. In may 2012, I decided to prepare a similar series about computer games, with the support of collective investment. Instead of the declared amount of 6 thousand dollars received from donors more than 150 thousand, for which she pledged to prepare 12 films by the end of the year.

No end in sight

Sarkeesian met with reluctance already at the stage of campaign promotion. For the most subtle belonged to the comments that they are better goals to Finance than a series of videos where games will be overly analyzed feministkę. Found also a quote from a lecture by Paul in which he recalls that he is not a fan of games and must learn this environment, although grown up in the film campaign claims to be a player. Other hacking attempts, the account e-mail, download images, where she is raped by game characters, the threat of Twitter. Opus Magnum was unhappy with the game where it was possible to beat the likeness of Sarkisian. The game was removed from the Newgrounds site, but certainly preserved somewhere in the network

The attacks also targeted people who were clearly supporting the campaign or defending it from attacks – even arrested a man attacking on Twitter canadian feminist Stephanie Guthrie.

No end in sightThe first video appeared only in March 2013 and although it was of good quality, this delay raised doubts about how the money was spent. There were also allegations that he did not play the games he talks about, because he used video materials recorded earlier on other or graphic works without the permission of the authors. Further criticism also concerned delays – so far only 6 out of 12 films have been released, and breaks between them are becoming more and more. For all this, but, above all, for the well-fed criticism, Sargsyan became the goal of Gamergate.

Attacks on women, unfortunately, are not new in a growing industry. In 2013, Zoe Quinn collaborated with two other developers to create an independent, free Dui Quest game. It’s actually less of a game in the traditional sense of the word, and a more interactive story, recording it going with depression. Collected very good reviews from sites about the games and was recommended as an example that the game can also do a difficult topic. At the same time, for the same reason, she also met with negative reactions. Times that it’s not a game at all, and that this sphere of entertainment should be free of social commentary. The criticism escalated into attacks on Quinn herself – from snide comments that depression doesn’t exist until after the suggestion that it should kill and accurate descriptions of how it will be raped.

Catan – Board game

Catan - Board game

Economic-strategic game produces a lot of interaction between the players. The players of the settlers that they ” inhabit the new earth. The aim of the game is to score 10 points. Points are awarded, the construction of settlements, cities, roads. We build with the raw material we get from the Board (solve dice rolls), or by trading with other players. Also, you can get bonus points for building the longest road and collecting the biggest army. We can also buy development cards-they help in faster obtaining of additional raw materials or points.


Settlers is my first” adult ” game that I played right after the Chinese, Scrabble, etc. This is also one of my favorite games. I love games that you can play after a single explanation / hear the policy, and this principle is consistent and Settlersi and most of the other games that we have in the house.

InteractionThe biggest advantage of Settlers is the large amount of interaction between players and the great emotions at the end when it is known that at any moment someone will win. In addition, a lot of confusion can introduce an element of randomness, especially when the number of stitches thrown out is clearly contrary to the principles of statistics. for me, this uncertainty is an advantage, because thanks to this someone who at the beginning was not lucky-can recapture and win. I’ve played Settlers countless times and tested a variety of strategies. Fortunately, the Catan – Board game is well balanced and doesn’t have a strategy that will always be better than others.

The disadvantage of the game in this version is the need to play at least 3 people, and most often we play together,so then Settlers fall. Other cons I do not see.

A game for everyone

A game for everyoneThe game will appeal to those who like to interact with other players, looking primarily for emotional pleasure in the game. In my experience, they like to play it both men and women. After playing several times in a row, can slightly overeat, but happy to return to it after a while and takes himself out of the game is still the same pleasure. If you want to start your adventure with planszówkami – Settlers of Catan will be a great first choice. If you want to make a gift to a guy or someone adult, but attention! – who will have the opportunity to play in the 3-4 – the game is a great check and respect, of course, will be pleased.

We play most often in the English version of the game, because this is exactly what we have. This version includes an English manual and descriptions on the maps in English, however it is a simple language and the maps are easy to learn, so there is no need for all players to know excellent English.

Settlers this game is interesting and enjoyable, but to my taste, that has a too big element of chance to give it the highest score.

Pros and cons


  • Ease and convenience. The Settlers rules can be explained lightning fast, and there’s basically no room for doubt during the game. A big plus, especially for new people in the boards.
  • Reliable elements which quietly survive a party, and while they are very beautiful. The old edition uses wooden elements, the later version uses plastic, more detailed miniatures.
  • Nice gameplay, with a certain amount of planning. It enjoys a great balance, usually there is no situation when at the end of the game one of the players is bored as an obvious winner or loser.
  • Good gameplay time for this type of game.


  • Even the best strategy can crash into this game as a result of the usual dice failure. Because the resources required to perform any action is achieved in a fairly random, easy to spend several moves in a row powerlessly watching other players, and not being able to do anything on their own.
  • The possibility of partially blocking the extraction of resources by other players with the help of a thief and army cards means that one of the players can be almost excluded from the game if others decide to play against him.
  • Because of the mechanics of random selection of raw materials and the ability to block their selection, as well as bottlenecks that appear in different stages of the game (in the beginning, players need mainly wood and brick, later iron and grain), there are situations within a few moves the game is in place, so just do not appear resources that everyone needs. A partial solution to this problem is the possibility of replacing raw materials, but it is not an ideal solution.


OtherAn interesting thing in the game is the gradual change of its body. The graphics of older editions were associated with the eighteenth age (for example, soldier maps looked like a typical American form of the period), while newer editions focused more on the middle Ages, perhaps because of the inclusion of the style of additions in the form of „cities and knights”.

The game is available for free online in the flash version, as well as for quite a little money on the iPad, so if you want to check the mechanics before buying, you can do it easily. Of course, this is not the same as the real game with her side, players, but also has its charms.

The player learns the final secret of Tibia

The player learns the final secret of Tibia

You know Tibia, right? This 19-year-old MMORPG created by CipSoft small German studio, which at the beginning of the XXI century from dizziness in the head teenage part of our country (and many others). I myself took on the madness associated with this name – I lost a lot of hours in it, experienced a lot of stress and excitement and learned about successful trading, patience and many Brazilian words useful for insulting other people’s mothers. I also made sure that people really, really like to threaten other people’s lives. Unsuccessful race Tibia, so we talked with colleagues from the village.

The passage did not require 999. level or higher

Many years have passed, and the Shins are still going on. It may not even be half as popular as it used to be, but even if it now includes almost 11,000 Tibians. Moreover, a few days ago, the game came a turning point.

The passage did not require 999. level or higherBecause, you see, in 2005, a big update to the game introduced a new continent called Tiquanda. It was already the end of my adventure with the Shin, but I remember the excitement that among the whole community called the mysterious doors found in the same area. It was a modest gate, which requires 999. level or higher.

If my memory serves me, the biggest level in the world could boast then Matthew the Dragon is Big as well… 300.? 320.? In those days when these doors appeared, the achievement was to score the hundredth or dwusetnego level, suddenly there was a gateway, the passage of which seemed unrealistic. At the door glistened the portal. Where could he have led? What secrets and riches did she hide? Fantasy players exploded guesses.

The developers said that for many years there was nothing behind the door, the secret was, so only the fantasy of the joint fans. CipSoft knew, however, that it would eventually have to figure out what was hiding in the portal when dedicated players would begin to approach the once unthinkable level. In 2015, they even held a contest in which they called on the community to present a hypothesis about what is hidden behind the door. This Game’s Secret Door Has Been A Mystery For 12 Years. They too have already decided that there will be placed because a few players were close to the goal.

A Brazilian nicknamed Kharsek has worked for this since 2007

A Brazilian nicknamed Kharsek has worked for this since 2007– The secret that existed in the minds of fans quite a lot, and was littered through them, can not be opened without some disappointment, – said Martin Eglseder, one of the developers of the game, on the pages of the portal Vice. – ( … ) No matter what you do, you will satisfy everyone. The developers decided, however, to follow the voice of the heart and behind the door is something that is “best in the long run and for the game as a whole”.

One of the players found out the truth. A Brazilian nicknamed Kharsek started playing in 2007, and after 9 years scored a historic 999. level. The first in the world to walk through the door, knowing probably the biggest secret of the Shin. What did you find? Well?!

Yes, you read it right. Unknown. Hersek scored the appropriate level, went to Chikwendu, went underground, alone opened the door, and … I decided not to tell anyone what was behind them.

– But… but how? – some people will probably ask. Well, that. It is difficult to say where this decision came from. Maybe Harsek doesn’t want to kill the fantasy that fans have been living for 11 years? He’s also reportedly a pretty introverted player, and during his trek to the top, he became more of a loner. Probably 9 out of 10 in its place would make a big pump in the network, organized an audience with the Pope, and the flow on Twitchu, which oglądałyby thousands of interested players, even those who, Shin never seen… But Kharsek is not like that.


UnknownThere is one more thing… Remember, as I wrote at the beginning of a failed race of Tibia? Well, it seems like nothing has changed over the years. Despite the fact that Kharsek is playing on a server without Pvp, a group of people insisted on threatening his life and preventing him from punching the perfect level. And this is cut out his monsters, and that he sent them to the players who helped Harsco to be treated … Yes, the famous Civica was a bit of enemies. Who knows, maybe he decided to take revenge on them, doing that now consumes their curiosity? Or maybe he wants to get satisfaction, being the only player in the world who knows the truth?

„No, we won’t regret going out the door,” said Eglseder. We could confirm something, but we leave it to the player to decide what he wants to say about the secret he found outside the door.

And at the end of the topic. There remains only further uncertainty. And curiosity. I haven’t thought about those damn doors since I was 10, and now their vision is itching somewhere in my head again.

The moment I write this, Kharsek is already 1000. level. This is another feat that will go down in thick letters in 19-year history, Shin. And we, the little earrings, still don’t know what’s behind the door. On Reddit, some write that they’ve never played Tibia in their lives, and they only think about what might be there, too. Like the suitcase at the Tarantina, huh?

The player with the highest level behind Kharsekiem is now Dev onica – 940. level. Be kind to the virgin onita, huh? Can be, she (he?) he decides to reveal the secret. Or, knock, join the silent club.

Turn based strategy games android free

Turn based strategy games android free

The mobile market is mainly associated with simpler casual productions, but the vastness of turn based strategy games android free produced on smartphones and tablets makes it easy to find positions for more demanding players. Among these works are a large group of strategies, so we decided that it is worth to make a list of the best, in our opinion, the names of this type, available on Android devices.

Creating below, as usual, we tried to make it contain not only worthy of attention offers, but that they were also accordingly diverse, so that everyone had a chance to get on something for themselves. Thus, we have included in the list of turned based rpg android batch conversion classics and games developed from scratch for touch screens. Here as the names for one player, and focused on multiplayer. Performances based on free-to-play turn based rpg android and premium models. Of course, no such statement is really complete. So if we missed Your favorites, share your types with us in the comments.

Turned based rpg android

Iron Marines is a trailer for the Iron Marines game For PC as well as mobile devices with Android and iOS. Team Studio ironhide Game Studio is known primarily from the turned based rpg android trilogy Kingdom Rush, but in 2017, the authors have proposed, finally, a new brand in the form of Iron Marines and it was one of the best last year’s Prime. RTS production from scratch, designed with the mobile market in mind.

Turned based rpg androidDuring the missions, players command a small detachment of space Marines, which during the battles are controlled using an intuitive touch interfaceThe action is fast and the fight makes great satisfaction. In turn, the construction of the bases was implemented in the usual style of the genre tower defense – crossing the map, we find places where you can erect watchtowers. This combination gave the game that has a lot of depth, and at the same time dynamic and individual start does not take much time.

First of all, however, the iron Marines turn out to be insanely honey android turn based rpg. The campaign was beautifully designed and it’s hard to break away from the screen. For, although the production is micropayments, they do not necessarily even at the highest difficulty level, no need to spend money. Almost the only serious drawback of this position is the lack of multiplayer.

Android turn based rpg

Players looking for unusual strategies should recommend Door Kicker, that is the transformation of the PC blockbuster about the proof by a SPECIAL forces squad. In the game we observe events from a bird’s-eye view, and the game is in real time with an active pause, allowing at any time to stop the action and calmly issue an order.

Android turn based rpgThe authors put on realism, giving the android turn based rpg player tons of equipment used by genuine police units and forcing the use of tactics similar to the real. Manufacturing offers a wide variety of challenges. We are engaged, in particular, in attacks on criminal bases, Bouncing hostages and escorting prisoners. In https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/615389-android/75688392 addition, the turn based strategy games android free gameplay is very flexible and each mission can be completed in different ways. Door Kicker-is not only an excellent strategy, but also the position of a highly original. On the mobile market there is simply no other such a good game on this topic.

Best turn based rpgs android

We are used to that when the brand of PC economic strategies enters the mobile market, the result is the most simplified spin-offs, the main purpose of which is to pull money through aggressive micropayments systems. Fortunately, there are exceptions to this rule, and one of the main ones is Transport Tycoon.

Best turn based rpgs androidPC from 1994 to today remains one of the best games of this type, and its mobile incarnation does not fail. Much of the credit for the fact that the project was observed by the Creator of the original best turn based rpgs android, that is, Chris Sawyer. The new incarnation of the transport Tycoon contains everything that fans have loved for more than two decades ago. We get a game about the development of the transport company, with a very complex economic model that makes the successful operation of the enterprise, the movement of goods and people by land, air and water is a real test. Here, the profit you need to earn well, and mistakes are costly to us.

At the same time, these mechanisms are dressed in fresh turn based rpg android clothes. All best turn based rpgs android graphics and interface are not new, designed to fit the specifics of touch screens. The result is a real masterpiece and one of the best economic strategies available on the mobile market.

Best turn based rpg android

Best turn based rpg androidTime for Clash Royale. It is currently one of the biggest mobile hits. Last year generated $ 1.2 billion in best turn based rpg android revenue, which is the fourth best result in the market, and the first in the strategy genre. The game even managed to break through the previous hit of Supercell, namely Clash of Clans.

The gameplay boils down here clash of monarchs, each of which is in his castle. These fortresses are connected by the roads we use to send units. The game is diversified by the cards causing additional effects, such as, for example, activation of a spell, or mentions of characters.

Clash Royale-it’s easy to learn, but hides a large reserves of depth, and before that the player has a greater impact on the best turn based rpg android gameplay than many other mobile strategies and less dependent on micropayments than in this, for example, Clash of Clans. As a result, the game has gained great popularity e-sports. Tournaments are watched by a lot of people, and the Network is never enough willing to test their skills.

The child therefore tries to match the new one to the old one

 But he’s looking for his brain before. Productive anxiety arises, as long as you pass food intake. Then chaos turns into harmony in the brain. This is some experience aha. And while the reward system is activated.

Words and sentences are transformed into images into fantasy worlds

Words and sentences are transformed into images into fantasy worlds

Nerve cells release „happiness hormones”. Every little personal achievement is just as happy as if we took some cocaine and heroin at the same time. In contrast, it is extremely difficult to actively, creatively engage in watching movies.

That’s why it would be good if the children did not contact the TV or computer before they were registered. But we have prepared a piece of the book. Reading is passive activity. When a child reads, many things happen in brain technology.

Place letters in words. Words and sentences are transformed into images into fantasy worlds. What the child’s brain is reading is in the eyes of her mind. Piroska goes to the forest. Here the child can not see the letters. It’s an incredible imagination: create a photo from black and white.

However, the film about Harry Potter is not worth it. Before you can turn on the man’s imagination, the next picture will appear. Only the one who takes it is actually a man who worked out for himself. Do you think that children need tasks? For the brain, the real challenges and adventures are decisive.

Adventures made us all strong

Adventures made us all strong

Use your uncle to build a tree house or climb to the top. Adventures made us all strong. Today, neuroscience can testify to this relationship: children face the greatest number of challenges in their lives so that the most important networks can arise in their brains.

That is why children need a world in which interactivity plays a very important role. This is not in the context of virtuality, but real life. Can children later build neuronal nerve cells in their brains? If the critical period passes and important networks needed to regulate the body are limited, the child does not have a good sense of body.

Nevertheless, the brain can be shaped throughout our lives. A child aged 8 or 10 will also benefit from all the body experiences that they are now acquiring. However, much more motivates your body for training. The learning process is no longer intuitive and automatic.

Because many children are at risk of getting lost in virtual worlds

Because many children are at risk of getting lost in virtual worlds

Children are ashamed of their deficits, they are crippled – and they learn to be scared, which is not a good foundation. Provided that at the age of 6, important neural networks appeared in the brain: are children protected from all media threats at this time? Not necessarily.

Because many children are at risk of getting lost in virtual worlds. Do you mean computer games? Yes, among others. Because then it becomes dangerous when children use digital media to meet their basic needs. Everyone has two of them.

First of all: I want to belong somewhere. Second: I want to achieve something. The first need is bondage, the second is the desire for freedom. The boys mostly suffer because of our society, they rarely have the opportunity to do something. They do not find real tasks that could strengthen their development. It is thanks to them that children build their image and identity.

In addition, singing is a very complex creative achievement

That the child could keep the whole song in the head to find the right sound at the right time. And in the choir, he learns to adapt to others – which is the condition of social competence.

It should be born in early childhood, up to about six years of age

In addition, children also experience something wonderful because we can not be afraid to sing. Today, neurobiologists know that a freed brain can not mobilize fears while singing. That’s why he has been singing for thousands of years in the basement. Not to get rid of the mouse.

It should be born in early childhood, up to about six years of age

Where do they experience such experiences, where neural circuits develop? In the most complicated part of our brain called the so-called prefrontal cortex. This is directly behind the forehead. There is a picture of ourselves that is developing. And with our desire to turn to the world, we plan actions, control impulses and tolerate frustration.

It should be born in early childhood, up to about six years of age. However, networks responsible for this can only develop in the frontal lobe when the child experiences these experiences. Such experiences are particularly important when dealing with things that can understand and shape them. Today, however, it becomes more and more difficult.

What is the reason? The world of children has changed in the same way as adults. Today we are unable to understand how our daily everyday objects work. It was different in the past. All the phones were understandable. Bike, steam engine and even a car.

How does it affect the child’s brain?

The child can dismantle the vortex, examine the gears in it – and decipher the mechanism behind it. Today, in the age of the information society, things are so complicated that the cause and cause are difficult to grasp or not at all.

How does it affect the child's brain?

How does it affect the child’s brain? Our brain always adapts to what we do with enthusiasm. In the last century, people were enthusiastic about machines and identified themselves.

What’s more, this machine thinking was still applied to ourselves. It also affects the language: our heart is called a pump and we talk about worn joints that we replace.

But now this new era is suddenly coming. It will be more difficult to understand the causes and causes. For example, why the arrow moves to the right of the screen by moving the mouse. This lack of understanding of the relationship leads to the fact that children will not be interested once in the cause of causation.

It taught them their experience – without virtual media

It is a simple consequence of the development of the human brain. They will almost learn to accept things without understanding the meaning behind them. Many digital media are not only incomprehensible, but there are also very few opportunities to actively engage in on-screen events.

It taught them their experience - without virtual media

The simplest example: in the case of a TV set, we can not change anything other than choosing a program. When we first plant small children in front of the TV, they talk to the device. They tell the king where the fox lies. So they try to actively participate in events.

It taught them their experience – without virtual media. But after a few weeks of watching TV, most of us take note of the resignation, not to say in actively shaping things and give up, this is: it’s a matter of self-efficacy. However, this is an important part of the child’s development.

Yes, it develops only thanks to its own experience in the frontal lobe – a very convenient neural network. To expand the horizon of knowledge, children must put their new experiences into a mental context. Our brain can only learn something if you can add new impressions to your existing pattern. which is generated by previous experience. It is an extremely creative process.


The competition ended and the evaluation was positive, the awards, the livestock, the crescent and the organization were of great quality and for the first time our federation held a national championship in the crescent of Rancagua, but it is necessary to highlight the people who made it possible fulfill this dream.

To make a detour, it is necessary to dedicate a lot of time and effort, it is essential to handle every last detail, get the cattle, the prizes and sponsors, among other things they are tasks that must be fulfilled for each event. Of course the great national championship was no exception, months of work concluded with a resounding success, get the Cresaluna Monumental Rancagua will mark a milestone in our minds, because participate in this venue is a dream of many riders.

Don Patricio Arrau, Treasurer of our Federation told us how this project was born, „the idea of ​​doing it in this crescent was born thanks to the good disposition of both directories of the rodeo federations, led by Mr. Italo Zunino and Mr. José Gatica. director Gonzalo Vial we were agreeing this beautiful event in this place and we are very happy, we hope to continue doing it here for years, besides the level of the collars that participated was very good because the series of champions came out with 23 good points and one with a final well fought with a child of eleven years in the second place was very exciting and an achievement this show ”

Also Mr. Arrau judged the development of this rodeo, „he evaluated positively fantastic, organize this championship was a great challenge in this beautiful and monumental medialuna of Rancagua, in sports and organizational matters we have been to ten points, very happy, of apoco the People are starting to support us, we have received a lot more people than at Vizcachaz and we hope that each year we can continue to consolidate our championship in terms of sporting level and getting more excited to the family corrale to come and see us, „said Patricio.


To make a good detour it is important to have a good livestock and Mr. Pedro Moreno, secretary of the Federation described the work done in this regard, „the cattle we are getting since December, we hired a person skilled in it, to be guaranteed that it was never run, that it was the same guy, the same hair and with the contracts where they would assure us that the bulls were not run and before signing the contracts the board had the mission of visiting the cattle in the fields ”

In addition Mr. Brown evaluated the result of this rodeo, „was positive, were a few days of hard work, was well organized with a good cattle and the truth is that the public who arrived in Rancagua was not what we expected, but you can tell that We are going to take huge steps to be able to get some more public from here to next year for everything we have done and the effort of the entire board, „concluded Don Pedro.


The president of the National Federation of Rodeo and Clubs of Huasos, José Gatica, said, „the realization of this national championship, evaluated it as a resounding success, is more than we expected, I was really surprised by the quality of the riders they have given a wonderful show, we have worked a lot to make a good final, it went very well, a total achievement with the quality of the steers, so I feel happy, the only detail I could find is that I would have expected more public , but this crescent is quite big and we are going to work all year round so that we can once again make our championship here. ”


Italo Zunino Muratori, President of the Chilean Rodeo Federation, receives recognition from Don José Gatica Ortiz President of our Federation.

With this great detour the season is concluded, Don José analyzes the period, „I hope that people will grow as an athlete and a rodeo lover, I hope that the coming year will be better although I think it is difficult to overcome it, and every day we make modifications. and we make technical improvements are made with the intention of improving the level, in addition the fact of making the final in this crescent serves for people to be encouraged and better prepared, „concluded Mr. Gatica.

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Written by: Karen Robles
Photography: Abel Donayres